All you need is an active Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail account to join WannaThankYou (WTY).
Currently, WTY portal is only available in a web-browser interface (www.wannathankyou.com). Very soon you will also have access to it as an app on smartphone platforms (Android, iOS).
To start expressing one’s gratitude and appreciation by thanking someone on your Facebook friend’s list or Twitter followers or to any email address.
Profile can be edited by clicking “settings” from the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner of the page.
Currently, WTY is only integrated with Facebook ,Twitter and Google+. In the future, WTY will be integrated with other popular networks (LinkedIn etc.)
WTY messages can be sent to any active E-mail , Facebook friend or Twitter account. The recipient can view messages by signing-up for WannaThankYou (WTY).
Your “Gratefulness Status” is your public post. To add a public post, simply click on Menu->Explore->Update Your Gratefulness. This will be visible to everyone who visits your profile.
Text, Image, Audio and Video (through upload). In future releases, direct recording of audio/video or taking pictures will be available.
Yes, of course. You can add the link to your story in the ‘Thank You’ message, and send it to your friends and invite other friends through the “Join” feature. You can also upload the audio/video files in the ‘Thank You’ messages (within specified limits).
The application manages a few thank you (text) templates. You can use them by selecting a template from the sidebar.Click “Use it” after selection and the template will appear in your text message. This feature is currently available on web browsers only.
There are several ways to do this.
  • Search for the WTY user in “search user”; once user profile is populated, click “Follow” under the user avatar.
  • Click on any sender’s or receiver’s avatar, and on the following page, click “Follow” button.
You can view them under Settings->Connections.
WTY users who mutually follow each other become friends. Once you follow a user, he would get a notifications. If he chooses to follow you back, he would automatically become your friend.
Your WTY account will be associated with your social accounts (FB and Twitter) and you can post ‘Thank You’ messages for your Facebook friends or twitter users and also login using these accounts to access your WTY data.
Click on “Forgot password” link on the sign-in screen. You will be emailed the reset link which will help you reset your password.
You will get notifications (push and email) for most of the post activities you are tagged in.
As per the guidelines, you have to be at least 13 years of age to join WTY network.
Users can send “Thank You” messages through QR code without knowing the identification (email, Facebook/twitter account info) of the recipient(s). To use it, download any QR code scanner application (on your smartphone) to scan/download your QR code (available under “settings->profile”). It can be pasted on vehicles, wearables, wallet, business card, posted in other social engines, resume etc.. Whoever, whenever, wherever wants to send you a ‘Thank You’ message can just scan the QR code and he will be directed to the WTY Thank You page with your name automatically added as a recipient.
If reported for violation of guidelines, user posts, messages, media, etc. can be deleted further leading to being blocked permanently.
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