You Don’T Have To Save A Bus Load Of People To Make A Difference

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Over 40 years ago I was in high school and worked at a local grocery store. Like most kids at this age, I suffered with doubts and self-esteem issues and sometimes had a difficult time. When the store changed hands I had a great deal of doubts as to the future of my employment. In fact, the new manager, Clyde, didn’t appear to be a likable kind of person at first. But I soon learned, first impressions can be very wrong. In fact, Clyde is the reason I am writing this thank you story today.

After working with Clyde for a few days, I realized he was a good person and actually fun to be around. Even though he was old (in his 50s) he seemed to understand what it was like to be a teenager. In fact, Clyde taught me a very important lesson which helps me get through difficult times.

It was a busy day at the store and there was a lot to do. I had a large list of tasks and couldn’t decide where to begin. When I told Clyde about this, he looked at me and smiled. “Always take care of the most difficult and disagreeable tasks first, and then the rest of your day will be pleasant.”

This simple good deed was filled with wisdom, the kind of wisdom which comes from living, winning and losing. As I thought about what Clyde said, I realized it made a great deal of sense. I hated stocking the milk, so I took care of it first. After I finished this task, the remainder of the day didn’t seem so bad.

As I think about it, this one lesson I learned has been the major reason I have been able to cope with many things in life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and cannot go on, I seek out the most agreeable thing to do and take care of it. Then I always feel better and am able to carry on.

Clyde, I wanna thank you for making my life better. No, you didn’t save a bus load of people or rescue orphans from a burning building, but you did make a difference in my life.

I have never forgotten this tidbit of wisdom the man imparted to me, but I am ashamed to admit, I never expressed my appreciation. Now it is too late as Clyde has since passed on. This is one of my biggest regrets in my life and it could have been easily avoided. Don’t let this happen to you. If there is someone deserving your gratitude, stop and thank them today, before it is too late. You just might make a big difference in this person’s life, like they made in yours.

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