Why Should We Thank More Often?

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Gratitude; gratefulness; thankfulness; the feeling of appreciation for the blessings one has received, the acknowledgement of what one has been given.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the ‘glass half full’ or ‘count your blessings’ speech more times than we’d like, and they probably aren’t much more effective the tenth time you hear them as opposed to the first. I would personally be happy to go my whole life without hearing one of these speeches again. However, they do have the right idea.

Gratitude has been a central spiritual practice throughout the ages. Practitioners of different beliefs used to set out offerings or organize festivals for different deities in order to express their gratitude for the blessings they have received. In today’s society, scientists and researchers preach about the benefits of a grateful attitude.

Not only does gratitude work as a catalyst for interpersonal relationships ­spurring one to act in the benefit of another, to pay forward any gifts they have received and create positivity ­but it has benefits on a personal level. Being thankful for everything positive in your life allows you to concentrate on good feelings ­boosts optimism, creating happiness, pleasure and other positive feelings, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, mental health can influence the body, too. A positive mental frame oftentimes leads to greater health. People who express their gratitude in their relationships, express more satisfaction and comfort in their relationships. Gratefulness has even been known to help people recover faster mentally after traumatic events.

Of course, you’ll say, it’s not as simple as pushing a switch. You can’t just declare that you’ll start being grateful.

To which I say, of course not. Like anything that’s worth something, you have to work towards the final goal. Thankfully, it’s not any labour ­intensive work you have to do here. In fact, I’m going to give you a few pointers in the right direction for developing a more positive frame of mind.

  • Start this very moment. As I’m writing this article, I’m drinking a tea made from plants hand­ picked by my mother. I was just thinking about how grateful I am for all the small and big things she does for me all the time. Do it right now. Think about being grateful for the drink you’re holding right now, or for the phone you’re using to read this article; Anything works, no matter how small.
  • Ok, so now comes the interesting part. I’m sure you’ve seen one of those movies or books where the character’s world falls apart. Where their loved one died, and suddenly, they realize how they’ve never told their loved one how much they meant to them. ‘Well, yeah, but I mean its all fiction’, you’ll say. Perhaps, but the fact remains that oftentimes we don’t realize how important something is for us until we lose it. So instead of waiting until it’s too late, take a few minutes and imagine what it would be like to lose the person you care the most about. Think about losing your sight, or your hearing, all those things we take for granted, but are, in fact, a gift.
    Once you have, go to that person and tell them you love them, thank them for being in your life. Go listen to your favourite song and think about how great it is that you can listen to it. It’s as easy as that.
  • Start actively searching out reasons to be grateful. Make it an exercise. Whenever you have a coffee or you taste something extremely good, whenever you discover a new song toobsess about, or when the rain doesn’t start up until after you’ve reached home. Those little moments you share with a friend, or a lover, or a family member.
    We tend to get so caught up in big goals and ideals that we become disheartened on the road to the end goal. Instead,make it an exercise and look out for any small things that make you happy. Acknowledge those things, the small things and moments that make life worth it.
  • Every day, resolve to make a mental revision and remember the good things that happened to you during that day. Literally ‘count your blessings’. After all, it would only take a short time to remember those things you picked up during the day.
  • The most important thing is knowing yourself, and knowing that you’re the best person to help yourself become happier and more content in life. Find your own way to being grateful and happy.

is a site designed to help you keep track of all these things. The truth is that we are blessed with countless reasons to be grateful ­taking a few short minutes to occasionally remind ourselves of that takes little effort, and pays off much more. The digital resources we have are just one of those things, and we can make use of them to not only record and remember our gratefulness, but also spread it around. That is our purpose at wannathankyou.com, so come over and remember your reasons to be grateful.

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