Why Self-Care Should Be Priority

Wannathankyou/14th March, 2019

In the hustle and bustle of life sometimes we lose ourselves. With the burden of so many responsibilities, we forget our true identity and essence of life. But have we ever given a thought about what we are living for?
What are we struggling for if we ourselves not happy or content?

Happiness doesn’t mean that we should stop making efforts or should escape from the most useful pain that prepares us for the worst. After all, the pain and suffering teach us the biggest life lessons. It is just that we should start to prioritise our tasks and efforts and put them in the right direction. So, instead of complaining choose Happiness and Gratitude

You must have heard of this phrase that life without a purpose is meaningless. It happens when we stop caring about ourselves and start burying ourselves with unnecessary burdens.  So, by changing your attitude, you can change your life.

Responsibilities are the part of life that one cannot run away from. But you must not forget that the most important responsibility is taking care of ourselves which people don’t even count as responsibility.  

1. Gives a new approach- 
People who give more time to themselves have a different perspective on life. They know the simple truth of life which is that you cannot just make other people happy if you have not nurtured your own life. They carry an aura of confidence which attracts other people around them.

2. Makes you emotionally secure-
 When we invest more time in ourselves we able to deal with our insecurities and anxieties better. You work on each of your weakness and don’t give a chance to the other people to play around with your emotions.

3. Gives you relief from the stress- 
Everybody should take some time off from their regular life and start giving time to organise their thoughts. It helps us to prioritise things in life. Most of the stress and overthinking is caused because of mental clutter. When you give time to yourself it gives you peace of mind and improves the clarity of thoughts.

4. Improves physical health- 
Your physical health gets affected every time you go through stress and anxiety. Your thoughts are the main reason to attract illnesses. So, next time when you go through any kind of sickness and you find no reason behind that, then that’s a clear indication that you need to work on your thought process.

5. Shape the personality- 
When we take a break and put the effort into analysing ourselves, we come out as a stronger and more confident person. Putting efforts directionlessly doesn’t get you anywhere. Investing time in ourselves helps to find the lost direction.  

So, free yourself with the unwanted baggage of life. Don’t just live to survive, find your own purpose and meaning. Life is too short to take care of everything and that is why we need to make our choices. Some choices are hard to make but you always know what is unsurpassed between those choices and accordingly you can always choose between right and wrong.  

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