What Being Grateful Has Taught Me – My Story Of Gratitude This Christmas

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

The Christmas festivity is here, and gratitude is one of the prominent themes during this time. Everyone has a number of things they feel grateful for. I am also grateful for many things which I consider a privilege and blessings from God.

At the beginning of the year, things seemed to get tougher by the day. My career life, in particular, experienced hurdles after a sudden retrenchment at my previous workplace. I was a victim of the retrenchment and being the bread winner of my family; I felt that my future and that of my family was threatened. Luckily, I had taken an education insurance policy for my children, so my worry on children’s school fees was sorted. I had also established a business for my wife last year, and it was doing quite well. This reduced the impact of the retrenchment on my life as the main things—school fees, food, rent, and bills—were easily sorted. I almost thought that my previous acts were in preparation for the difficult time that was approaching.

During the time I was laid off, I got a lot of support from my family and friends. Some of them brought foodstuff and lots of shopping to my house making sure we have unlimited supplies.  I cannot forget the words of comfort they gave me assuring me that I was not to blame for what befell me. Some actually assured me that the best days were ahead and I needed not to worry. My former colleague took my credentials, and after two months of waiting, I got an invitation to work with the leading company in mobile network services. Let’s just say I lost my job and got a better job in just two months.

In this country, we have a judicial system that claims to be partial. Eight years ago, my step-mother was accused of a criminal act that involved the kidnapping of my neighbor’s child. Despite presenting factors that nearly nullified the act, my step-mother was sentenced to a life imprisonment. Three months ago, the ‘kidnapped’ child came back home safe and sound. This was a great move, and my step-mother is free in deed. A lot of time is lost, but all we can do is utilize this moment we have with her.

There is much to be grateful for; the above are but a few items that I specially recognize. They may not look like big things, but people are different. They have taught me not to take things for granted and to reach out to others who may be in dire need of my help regardless of how little it is. It is Christmas time, and I express my gratitude to God for the year almost coming to an end.

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