‘’Wannathankyou’’ Is Now Bigger And Better!

Abhishek Singh Bhadouria/29th August, 2018

Yes you heard it right! Our gratitude platform has now been transformed with better features to give you an awesome experience in your pursuit of showing gratitude. 

Improved User design and Interface -

New UI-UX.jpg 49.32 KB

Our team has extensively focused on improving the user interface and user experience by making the platform more smooth and user friendly.  With a better design and even better performance of the app you can now practice and express gratitude in a more smooth and swift manner.

Express your gratitude through Blogs -

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As it’s said ‘Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it’. With Wannathankyou, you can now share  your stories of gratitude through blogs. You can play around with the font style and also add pictures to your blog and make it interesting for the viewers to read. Share your journey of making gratitude a lifestyle with the whole world! 

Linkedin Sign Up -

Linkedin Sign Up.PNG 13.67 KB

We’ve included Linkedin sign up with our platform, making it accessible to wide range of audiences also making the sign up process much easier for the users. So the next time you’re on Linkedin, Sign up through your account and join the gratitude community. 

Push notification -

Browser Notification.jpg 47.18 KB

You will now receive instant notification every time a user expresses his/her gratitude to you!  
So irrespective of the platform a gratitude message expressed will always reach you.

WannaThankYou now Stands with NGOs -

WTY NGO.jpg 34.29 KB

With immense happiness and with an intent of not letting any good deeds go unnoticed, WannaThankYou now stands as a goodness partners of NGOs all over the globe. 

 If you’re an NGO, let’s connect to spread goodness together. 

Gratitude has always been the strongest of emotions in human beings and if practiced persistently, it can unlock the fullness of life. Join the gratitude movement with WannaThankYou. 

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