To All Our Superheroes Without Capes, Thank You!- Kerala Flood Relief Efforts

Wannathankyou/22nd August, 2018

Our ‘God's own Country’ and ‘Scotland of India’ is witnessing one of the most perilous natural disasters right now, bringing shock waves all around the world. What with death count crossing over 350, more than three lakh people being relocated and thousands of crores of properties damaged, crops destroyed, livestock lost, and health deteriorated,  we only hope that the after-effects of the deadly monsoon waters are not long-term. 

While the calm Mother Nature brought in calamity, we are witnessing the purest form of humanity. Help to the flood-affected victims is pouring from across the country and different corner of the world.

We wish to take a moment to thank all the volunteers who have/still continue to contribute to our extended family, whether in terms of money, or in the form of kind, or serving on the ground zero. 

Thank You, Our Indian Force!

Our Indian Army, Navy, Air Force,  National Disaster Response Force, Fire Officials, NCC Cadets, Home guards along with State Government have been tirelessly helping the victims to move to a safe place. 

With communication lines facing the major hit in most of the places, over 300 HAM radio operators have been helping in the rescue operations by tracking stranded people through their last mobile phone location and sharing information with officials. 

The Force has decided to stay back in the State until the day gets back to normal. Isn’t that awesome?

Thank You, NGOs, Organizations and Communities

NGOs in association with various organizations and communities are playing a chief role in providing the basic necessities for the victims.

Khalsa Aid, an UK based NGO has set up relief camps and have been serving food for over 3000 people,  along with providing drinking water and medicines.  Sri Ramakrishna Shradashrama, United Way Bengaluru, Coorg Wellness Foundation, Krish Vigyan Kendra, Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Commitee are few of many other NGOs and associations that are putting their best boot forward to help the situation settle by setting up hundreds of relief camps and providing for the basic needs. 

Victims of sexual exploitation, from an NGO Snehalaya, have managed to raise  Rs. 21,000 and still continue to raise to help the flood victims. 

NGOs like Prathidhwani, Kerala School Teachers Association, Faith India Welfare Trust, Santhigiri Ashram, Sevabharathi, Rise Against Hunger, Arsha Bharath, Hope Foundation, Save the Children India, out of many others are also helping the state in rescue and relief operations.       

Volunteers in Kodava Samaj have been collecting truckloads of relief materials to let their brotherhood know that they are not alone. 

Aarogya Seva, a Global Health Volunteer Alliance among others has been extending medical help to the victims. 

In this dreadful hour of need, even the animals are not forgotten. Several NGOs like Humane Society International(HSI), Cuddly Collars, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action(CUPA), My Pet Buddy have rescued hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, and snakes, and have relocated them to a safer place. 

While few organizations found pet lovers as their volunteers for rescue operations, few others are serving as a mediator between organizations and volunteers to derive the maximum benefit, and few other organizations are strictly refusing monetary and are collecting only food materials for the animals.   

Humanity never fails, right?

Thank You, Celebrities!

Celebrities have the power to influence their fans and a small action by them could ignite millions of their followers' fire to come forward. 
A lot of Celebrities have donated profusely for the cause. While actors like SRK, who has donated through his Meer Foundation, Jacqueline Fernandes  to NGO Habitat for Humanity, Amitabh Bachan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Kamal Hassan, Vijay, Chiranjeevi and many others donated to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Funds and urged their fans to lend a helping hand.   

Even various political personalities are doing their best to ease out the situation. While DMK has donated a huge sum, all the MPs and MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress have decided to donate their one month salary. The Prime Minister has announced Rs. 500 crore grant and the Union Home Minister has announced Rs. 100 Crore Grant. 

The list can go on, this is just a drop in the ocean!

Thank You, Corporate!

Companies like Bajaj Auto, TVS, BMW, Coco-Cola, Pepsico, ITC, MTR, HUL, Nestle has extended their services in providing relief materials. 

Tech companies like Paytm, Zomato, Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart, Facebook have joined hands with NGOs like Akshaya Patra Foundation, Goonj, World Vision India, Habitat for Humanity, OXFAM to collect contribution from their customers.

We love you more now!

Thank You, Volunteers Turned Soldiers!

Hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the nation have come forward to save the flood-hit areas of Kerala and Karnataka. While a group of individuals is forming groups in Social Media to gather relief materials, another group is going door-to-door to collect the materials from the happy-to-help givers. 

Restaurants and hotels eliminating hunger; lodges, homestays, temples, churches, mosques, community halls turning into relief camps; kids willing to give away their piggy-bank savings; teens willing to give away their lands; doctors willing to serve; most importantly, fishermen saving hundreds of lives, building a network, connecting people, we cannot be more awed by the dedication of every single soul that is willing to help.   

 You all are a pride to our nation!

It is disheartening to witness our kinship going through this disastrous phase. We feel grateful, for all those souls who are extending their help to Kerala and Kodagu, through their contributions and prayers. 

We know we have not mentioned every superhero here. If you are aware of any organization or individual whom we have missed out, please mention them in the comment section and we would love to extend our gratitude to them!

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