The Value Of Optimism And Appreciation In Relationships

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

While work relationships, friendships and family relationships are all different in some aspects, they are also very much the same. They are an interaction between two people that gives us a sense of belonging, of appreciation and even of inspiration.

Generally, the first few days, weeks and months of any relationship are when we are most likely to show our appreciation for the other person. We may thank a work colleague for helping out on a project, thank our date for a lovely evening out or send our appreciation to a neighbor or friend who provided a helping hand when we needed it.

Then, over the weeks and months that follow we begin to take those efforts to help for granted. We forget to look for ways to show our gratitude and appreciation for what is being done for us as part of being in a relationship. We stop saying thanks, even though we may still feel it in our heart.

Reversing the Process

One simple way that anyone can reverse this process is to start to recognize the good deeds, friendly assistance and the support that our friends, coworkers and loved ones provide on a daily basis.

Instead of taking a kind act for granted, make a point of just saying, “I wanna thank you for…” This simple little act, which will only take a second of your time, is an amazing way to regenerate an appreciation for the kindness of others.

Keep in mind you can even use this technique with people you don’t know. When you see someone help another person out, stop and thank them, even if the person being helped doesn’t show appreciation.

With just those few words, you are opening up the possibility of inspiration, motivation and connection. Think of how nice it is to be recognized for doing something positive in life; it is a real boost to your self-confidence in reaching out to help others and maintaining a positive, helpful and optimistic attitude as you go through your day.

Take it One Step Further

Sometimes you may want to send a bigger message of gratitude. Sending a personal message on a card, a meaningful email or even a text is a wonderful way to let someone you know how much their actions meant to you.

By looking for positives in people and then recognizing those acts and efforts, you will be more in the present. You will find those interpersonal relationships become stronger and you note optimism, appreciation and gratitude in all aspects of your life.

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