The Community Fridge- An Initiative By Brookfield Layout Residents

Wannathankyou/17th January, 2019

Almost a year ago, on 26th January 2018, Brookfield Layout Residents, started an initiative to help the needy and started to make a small contribution towards eliminating the evilest form of crime- Hunger. If we live in a world where fruits that should be found on a poor person's plate, is found on a rich person's shampoo, it's us who should be taking up the responsibility to step forward and create a balance in the world. 

And so, Brookfield Layout Residents, which is celebrating its first year anniversary on 26th January 2019, established a community fridge in Brookfield, Bangalore, inviting people to donate excess food and ensured that it reached the right people on time. With one person dying every 8 seconds due to hunger and about 1/3rd of food being wasted worldwide, this is a great way to eliminate hunger and reduce food wastage. 

Brookfield Layout Residents is determined to provide the very basic needs- food and clothing for those in need. Appreciating their initiative, WannaThankYou has now proudly joined hands with them and invites all the members to make a contribution that might seem little, but can make a huge difference in someone else's life. 

Whether you are hosting an occasional party, or there is an anniversary dinner, when there is excess food, remember the needy for whom just seeing a chunk of the food itself is a party! If you have clothes that's still in good condition, but has to be discarded, consider taking the right step.  

Over the year, Brookfield Layout Residents has helped 7000+ people, donated 4000+ kgs of food, distributed 2000+ clothes and footwear and is envisioning feeding at least 1 million people in the next 5 years. Currently, the average daily donors and takers are around 30 per day. We would like to see such community fridges all around the country, and we will be glad to be your Goodness partner.

You can help Brookfield Layout Residents to meet their vision and contribute towards eliminating hunger by various means-

1. You can't eliminate hunger all by yourself. But you can make your contribution towards its elimination. Pledge Re.1 per day and Rs. 365 in a year is all it takes to feed a hungry soul. You can donate to the account that has been exclusively set up for the Community Fridge Fundraising Campaign.

2.  Show your appreciation for the Community Fridge Initiative. For every appreciation of yours, WTY will donate Re. 1 towards the initiative.

3. If you are living in and around Brookfield, you can always make your direct contribution to the Community Fridge in the form of food and clothing.

Find more details here.

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