Thanks To That Friend Who Came As An ‘Online Guardian’ To My Life.

Yashitha/1st June, 2018

Have you ever thought about how much showing your gratitude would favour the other person to help more?

When the world chooses to express through emoticons, why be them? Making an impact by being thankful for the deeds is considered humanity.

Stay unique

Choose words over face symbols, make an effort to help, make an effort to get a smile more. 

When human life was more about getting public; when being an icon was popular;  when Facebook was blooming to harm the society; when hacking was in the flow; when unknown requests became a  serious threat; when the demon in disguise became the destruction - it all started there.

When did I feel death? When I had no one to share my sorrow, loneliness had just started to eat me up from within, things went from bad to worse and I felt there is nothing that the world wants from me.

So this is the story of a girl who happens to fall in love at the urge of death. Have you thought what happens when the cupid decides to strike an arrow ??

Not always but you do fall in love.

Results are surprising if its a girl.

When life wanted me to stay, it eventually sent me a ray of hope.
So the unknown request started on a good note with formal greetings and forwards because it was a girl !!

Sharing of work during the days, pleading to stay online at night as nights revealed the darkest secrets, playing things online was her kind of joy. All these had to come to an end maybe today or tomorrow.

The bond of nights had an effect on her academics, character, personally. 
It mended the scars which I refused to share with the world. The dark cloud now had a silver lining. Hence traces of love vanished and carvings of trust and affection were sculpted.

I was just another friend he met online, my presence did not make much of difference to him. But for me, he was THE GUIDE, THE MENTOR. I was on the edge of a broken ship but he was the skilled captain heading to the destination called success.

Not everyone you meet online is going to harm you. Be cautious before you click. Saying thank you to someone who made you feel better and most of us have lost the art of gratitude.

Not everything was under his control, he let me free, let me think, let me understand what life was and not to worry about the past. Life was so much more than just death.
It's a celebration of fun and frolic, it's a roller coaster ride with tears of happiness, it is an opportunity to express thankfulness to the creation of us!

Being someone’s guardian angel is not an easy task. Take time to appreciate things, when done make sure you owe them the smile of thankfulness.

Smiles that were blown to the sky, for once let the soil feel the curve of joy.

About the Author

With photography as passion aspiring to a fictional journalist, making memories is her obsession, journey through words is her genre, branding women rights is what makes her stand out the crew.
So that’s YASHITHA, the author of this blog. 

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