Thank You Dhoni - Retires After India Vs Sri Lanka (Odi)

Dhruv Jadav/14th December, 2017

Dhoni is retiring after 10 years of tremendous service. Yes you heard it right. He retires after the 2nd ODI, India Vs Sri Lanka in Mohali. 

What? wait! Don’t panic. We are not talking about the former Indian captain MS Dhoni here. We are talking about the sniffer dog who has been serving the Mohali District Police from last 10 years and now set to retire. 

Dhoni is a white labrador, serving for about 10 years with Mohali District Police. Amrik Singh, who is in charge of the dog squad, throws some light on how Dhoni Dog was efficient during the World Cup 2011. He added that Dhoni Dog used to help the police inspecting the stadium in international matches. And also when the prime minister of both the countries came to the city, Dhoni was working with them as per the Indian Express Report. 

Further Amrik Singh added that Dhoni was quickest among the dogs they have and he was expert in sniffing explosive. He used to sleep 6 to 7 hours in the daytime as was reported by India Express.  

India are currently playing third of the three test series with Sri Lanka and after that India will play 3 ODIs and 3 T20 matches against Sri Lanka. Meanwhile Dhoni, John and Preeti are the three dogs which will retire from its services.

A farewell ceremony is also arranged for the dogs after their long 10 years of service. So in the honor of the dogs and their services, WannThankYou salutes and expresses gratitude towards the service of Dhoni Dog. Thank You Dhoni for serving the Police Department and the nation. 

You can also thank Dhoni by commenting on the post or using the platform of WannThankYou.  

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