Spreading The Message Of Appreciation

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Everyone has experienced a day that was going all wrong. Perhaps the alarm didn’t go off, or the kids were extremely difficult to get organized in the morning. Maybe the car had a flat on the road and that caused you to be late for work, or a person hurrying by jostled your arm and your coffee spilled on a favorite jacket.

Regardless of what seemingly bad thing or a combination of things happened that day, there were still some bright moments. A friendly smile from a co-worker, your kids telling you how much they love you or even a stranger stopping to help you with that flat tire. Finding ways to highlight those seemingly fleeting positive moments in life and saying thanks and showing our appreciation can turn a bad day into a great day just by an attitude shift.

The Old Sayings are True

In many different types of self-help programs, a central core value is to have an “attitude of gratitude” in all things. While that is an old saying, it is truer today than ever before as saying “thank you” and giving a friendly smile seems to be a lost art.

However, even after saying that, there are people every day that you see, and that see you, that have this attitude of gratitude. They are open to saying thanks, showing appreciation with a smile and a kind word, and helping you to see the positivity in the world around you.

Watching for Positivity

When we walk around expecting negativity, that is just what we see. If we anticipate interacting with rude people, we change our behavior to match our beliefs and our expectations. If we expect to be treated politely and with compassion, and we are willing to extend those same virtues ourselves, we will experience appreciation, gratitude and compassion in our lives.

One easy way to cultivate that personal attitude of appreciation is to look for those simple yet wonderful things that people in your family and your circle of friends and coworkers do for you, or perhaps you see them doing something kind and positive for someone else.

Make it a point to talk to them and let them know how much you appreciated their act of kindness for another. Of course, you may also want to give thanks for something they did for you as well.

At the same time, what how your entire way of looking at things changes. You will notice a difference, and where you find yourself saying thanks and appreciating those around you a lot more than in the past.

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