Say Thank You Without Saying ‘Thank You’.

Wannathankyou/25th June, 2018

Ever been in a situation where you are totally amazed and feel grateful by an unexpected gesture by your colleague or a family member or even a complete stranger and you know just saying “Thank you” is not enough to express your gratitude? Well, as much as I agree action speaks louder than the words, there are few other ways to say your warm Thank Yous.

Yes, a sweet note or even a small gift might seem like the right way to express your gratitude but nothing beats a face to face words of appreciation. I have tried to classify various situations under which you can say your Thank Yous without having to use the words ‘Thank You’.

Someone has done a favor 
Let us not forget the fact that we are all dependent on one another on this planet and we simply cannot lead a lonely life. We are constantly in need of one or the other favors by someone.
When someone has done a favor, all it takes for us is to say-

                    That’s very kind of you;
                    You are such a sweetheart;
                    You are amazing, you just made my day.  

Someone has surprised you with unexpected gestures
Well, who doesn’t like surprises? The beauty of a surprise is you never know when you will be getting one. You are just having a bad day and nothing seems right ever since you woke up in the morning and someone close to your heart just surprises you with a visit and all your blues are gone. As much as the person would love to see your gaped mouth expression, wouldn’t it be nicer to say few words? 

Few phrases that can be said are-

                    I’m awestruck, I don’t know what to say;
                    I can’t believe you did that;
                    You are the best.

Someone has helped you to complete your work or to achieve your goals
To have a dream and to achieve a goal is definitely not a cakewalk. When someone has offered their help even in a minuscule amount to help us realize our dreams, feel free to take all the time to celebrate, but never forget to express your sincere gratitude in the following different ways-

                    What would I ever do without you?;
                    I really appreciate everything you have done;
                    You have been a blessing to me.

Someone has been with you through your tough times
They say it’s during our rough times do we realize who our real well-wishers are. Everyone goes through tough times and even a simple gesture by any random person might make a huge difference. 

How can we be thankful to those kind-hearted souls?-

                    I owe you one;
                    I appreciate you having my back;
                    I am grateful for everything that you have done for me.

Here you go… Different ways to express your gratitude without having to use the cliché Thank Yous. Of course, you can always go an extra mile to show how grateful you are to someone with your surprising gestures. 

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