On This International Yoga Day Embrace Your Body, It's An Amazing Gift!

Wannathankyou/20th June, 2018

With International Yoga Day approaching, let us take a moment to thank our selves, our bodies, our souls, for being so strong and understanding when the situation demanded, for loving us abundantly and for protecting us constantly from a bruise after bruise. 

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find one”. 

Yup, that’s a quote from one of my favorite classics, “Alice in Wonderland”.  In my opinion, our body is the most amazing miracle I can ever think of. When I think of the zillion and zillion different things our brain is capable of doing within a fraction of second and the self-healing powers that our body has, I cannot stop myself from getting awed with myself. 

Our universe is indeed such a beautiful place to live in and how can I not be grateful for being able to see all the pleasant things that reach my heart?  All the pleasant sounds that I get to hear, from the chirp of the birds to the rhythm in music, all the places that I can go and all those warm hugs that I receive from my loved ones, would I be able to do them all if not for my body that loves me no matter what? 

Yes, I am guilty of making my body suffer from hunger when I thought I was too upset to eat, when I ignored my physical activities because I was too lazy, didn’t care to consider any of the signals that my body was giving me about any illness, and of course being upset about that zit on face or complaining about my imperfections.  

And yet, every cell of mine works tirelessly striving to keep me healthy, helping me keep going and warning me when it is in need of rest. Of all the things I can be thankful for, probably, my body shall be on my priority list for without it, I am nothing. The imperfections in me make me unique and I am so much grateful for my never-giving-up body, my strong soul, the whole “Me”. 

This Yoga Day, I resolve to inhale more of goodness and exhale more of kindness! 

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