#ngospot - Annapurna Charitable Trust

Wannathankyou/22nd June, 2018

Annapurna Charitable Trustin Puri, Odisha, is a non government organisation which was established in 2008. The Trust was founded by a group of like minded youngsters with an objective of addressing the problems of inequality, injustice, marginalisation and deprivation of masses. In about a decade‚Äôs journey, the Trust has been is doing a great job by lending a helping hand to the needy in all the possible ways. 

One of the major and noteworthy activities of the Trust is, its Annadana Programme, where it feeds hundreds of hungry souls everyday. Some of its other activities include organising health awareness camp, vocational training programme, planting trees in the nearby areas and various other programs to empower women, people from low social class, farmers and also to promote sports and culture. 

The Trust has also published several books on its own.

WannaThankYou is happy to join Annapurna Charitable Trust. Your action matters.

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