Look Around For Inspiration And Motivation

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Marc was in a position he had never been in before. All his life he had worked in the automotive industry, starting out at a local car dealership in high school, helping with washing and detailing and then gradually moving into the parts department.

Even though he worked full-time, he was taking online classes to be able to one day pursue an MBA and to have his own dealership. His interest was not just to run the parts department, but to also learn more about management.

Then, out of the blue, the owner decided to sell the business he had owned for almost 35 years. Marc was told that the new buyer would want to keep the existing staff, particularly the management team, but he was still a bit nervous. Shortly after the sale his biggest fears were realized when he was called into the new dealership manager’s office only to hear he was being let go.

The Change

For weeks Marc looked at different car dealerships for any job. He was even willing to work outside of the automotive industry and started applying for any jobs he could find. Weeks went by with no responses to his applications, and Marc started to get frustrated, hurt and angry.

He was losing his motivation to get up and look for a job. He was feeling unwanted, unappreciated and unimportant and this was impacting the way he saw the world around him.

One day, while at the local Workforce Center checking the boards for jobs, he met a man named Quan. Quan immediately smiled at Marc and struck up a conversation. Marc found out that Quan was in construction, but had been unemployed for almost a year. Marc was surprised at this news given how positive and upbeat Quan seemed. This prompted Marc to ask him what he used for inspiration and motivation to stay so positive.

Quan told Marc that he had decided to keep using his skills by helping people with home repairs in his neighborhood. He sometimes fixed a leaking roof, repaired a fence or even helped to install new doors and windows, all at no cost. It seems that staying active and involved in his community by using his skills and talents for the good of others helped him to stay focused, positive and motivated to keep looking for work.

Marc went home and started considering how he could use his business background and management skills to help out in the community. He started volunteering at a community organization, getting real world experience in management and also staying motivated and inspired by helping others in his own neighborhood.

Through this experience Marc became a better manager with more diverse experience. In just a few short months his efforts as a volunteer drew the interest of a business professional in the community, and Marc was offered an entry level management job, an opportunity he gladly accepted.

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