Let The Good Deeds Shine Out For All To See.

Wannathankyou/22nd June, 2018

Today’s lifestyle has become too work-centric that we hardly have any time to see beyond our daily routines. Especially with urbanization, one might even wonder whether there is still a scope and hope for humanity. Our typical day revolves around our office buildings, the computers, the traffic, the TGIF parties and of course the weekend getaways. We focus so much on moving from one place to another that we forget to stop and observe.

Yes, there’s a whole another world out there. Yes, there are still millions and millions of people for whom survival is a question, education is out of reach and 3 times meal in a day is a luxury. Thousands of people are becoming victims of social crimes every single day.   Numerous animals and plants are on the verge of extinction, creating an imbalance in the environment and even, our own mother planet is not safe for us to live in anymore.  

But some humanitarians amongst us have taken it as their duty to heal our planet to make it a better place. With every year that goes by, the number of NGOs have been cropping up all around the world making it very clear that the number of lives in need of help, are also cropping up. The presence of the NGOs who are striving to make the others’ lives better every single day, reassures the presence of compassion, kindness, and generosity in this world.

WannaThankYou is taking its first step towards making a little, yet a plausible effect on the society. We identify the organizations that exist to make people's life simpler and easier, and share their stories with the world. 

If you are an NGO beneficiary, go ahead and share your story with us by writing a blog or by just saying Thank You, if you are an NGO and want to get featured with us, click here and we will get in touch with you.

WannaThankYou appreciates every single deed of yours, and we want to express our gratitude to you by sharing your stories with the world. We would absolutely love to feature you on our website and recognize every single kind act of yours.

Join us now and we will let the world know that we need you for us to grow.

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