John Would Not Be John With Out You Guys…. Thank You.. So Muchhhh….

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

John who is a party freak studying in college living in an apartment with friends who is jovial and would like to freak out during weekends with his friends, make noise in public, he is the spoilt brat.

John was having a wonderful life along with his friends studying, boozing, doing what any average college party freak would do. Surprisingly clearing first three years of graduation and moving to final year.

As usual one weekend after college hours with little money with John and his friends hits the best street in the city for pubs. Spent till 12 midnight sipping beers. John and his friends came out of the pub fully blown out.

Heading towards their home in their two wheelers, singing thru the streets making noise , drag racing “WOW” what a life!.

All of a sudden “BANG”!!!!! John‘s friend loses control hits the wall and crashes. Few of his friends following them  saw the bike flashing lights, rushes to the spot to see John and his friend with John lying in pool of blood.

They were shocked , in that midnight no one around they were helpless, Johnwas unconscious with head injury bleeding.

One of his friend leaving one in the spot ran 2 kms to their house from spot, called few in their house who are also drunk rushing back to spot.

No money in pockets somehow they rush both to nearby hospital.
The doctors over there saw John‘s condition and declared that he is no gonna live and asked to take away the body.

With tears in the eyes , no money , and not losing hopes, Desire to save their best friends life request the hospital people to help them to shift John to best hospital and they did it. They called all their friends to help them for money.

Doctors did their best and in the next day morning John wakes up with pain and asks nurse where is he and what had happened. She says that his friends saved his life. With Parents , relatives , the whole college friends visiting hospital so much emotions, he realized what a mistake. His friends not being happy are relived that they saved John

That was 15 years back, Today John is a happily married man with a kid and a good job, still jovial , new friends , everyone loves his humouros nature sad part is not so close with those saved his life.

All these days John never had an opportunity to thank his friends though they do not expect and are living in their own life. There could be many reasons not to thank. Like no time!!!!!! But deep in his heart he wanted to thank and let them know that how good they are in saving a life facing so many hurdles.

John thought of calling each one of them and thank, however never did that thinking that the obvious reply would be “Are u drunk????”

John desperately wants to thank before he loses anyone as nobody can stop time still wondering how could he connect all.

Then fortunately John heard about WTY, not wasting his time signs up , logs in, connects all his friends. and send the message

” My dear friends I wanna thank you for saving my life, you gave me my rebirth, whatever I am today it is because of you, you will be surprised to see this message but just wanna let you know how good you are. Once again ” I WANNA THANK YOU”.

Though this message would have taken them back 12 years and brought a smile the reply was” Are u drunk?????!!!!!!”

That’s friendship

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