How A Stranger Helped Me Survive A Miserable Night

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

The night was tough. I was all by myself crying over random things for some unfathomable reasons, overthinking about my ‘overthinking’. I had given up my mind to the most destructible thoughts; I could see it getting miserable, every passing second. I shut off all the means of social contacts and also things that seemed to make me happy at some point in time.

Clearly one of those times where you find it difficult to get through the deep dark night. I was compulsively scrolling up and down my WordPress reader (luckily the only app I had spared). The title ‘misplaced’ caught my attention. The title somehow looked pushy enough for me to open and read the whole article.  Sometimes a few words that you can relate to, can be of great importance. A mere consolation, that you are not alone.

This blog spoke of everything that I needed to hear that night. It was the story of a girl who found herself lost amidst the battle of trying to fit in and yet wanting to stand out. Every word I read was as calming as the caressing hands of a mother when she puts her baby to sleep. By the end of it, an absolute stranger taught me a lesson which neither my family nor could my teachers teach me in eighteen long years of my education.

She taught me that it was okay to not fit in, and in fact, why should I? At the end of the day, it was me who I had to face, it was only me who I had to be answerable to. Anxiety could be scary, it could creep into your mind like those midnight hunger pangs which come only when you have nothing handy to satiate. And it was a sweet surprise to see how a few words were good enough to calm the hurricane going on inside me that night. I wanna thank that ‘stranger-teacher’ for teaching me that I am not alone. Thank you, stranger!

Strangers could sometimes teach us the most needed lessons of our lives even without expecting anything in return at all. The world is hardwired to drain us of our positivity for good. We fall, we learn, we get back up and we run again. But how often do we ignore these tiny forces that lend their hands to pick us up when we fall? Quite often right? Expressing gratitude towards such forces or people make us better and stronger human beings. Thankfulness is a driving force in itself. Acknowledgement of kindness is the first step to having a better life.

Let’s start a wave of thankfulness and express our gratitude to people and let them know that they matter, their kindness matters and their words matter.

is one such platform where you can express your gratitude towards people who have taught you something significant in some way. You might never know, your gratitude could heal somebody, make someone smile and above all gift them a sense of pride.

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