Help Can Come From The Most Unexpected Sources

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Not long ago, 19 year old Blaine was killed in a freak accident. This left his mother Michele, and her three other children, completely devastated and they would never be the same. Blaine was in important part of their lives and he was working on a home improvement project for the family at the time of his death. Now there was a void which could never be filled. However, help with problems like these can come from some of the most unexpected sources and this is where our I wanna thank you story begins today.

After Blaine’s death, his mother was having a most difficult time. In fact, it was very hard for her just to exist from day to day and Michele was unable to return to work. Yet, she knew she would have to, because life goes on no matter how painful it sometimes is.

One day Michele was riding in the car with her kids and listening to the radio. She believed they were on their way to the spa but the kids had a special surprise in store for their mother.  It involved a local radio station well-known for their “give backs” in which they helped people with needs. This program has provided a great deal of inspiration to those in the listening area.

The woman on the radio was describing a person riding in a car and Michele suddenly realized the woman was talking about her. The radio station understood what Michele was going through and was there to help. They provided her with six months of mortgage payments and $5,000 to pay for the improvements Blaine was unable to finish.

This kind of assistance was very important for Michele and her family because it gave her the chance to finish grieving and she didn’t have to worry about making the house payments until she was ready to return to work. This came as a total surprise to Michele and she was overcome with emotion and gratitude for the people in her life and all the people working at the radio station.

No parent should have to go through the pain and suffering of losing a child, but unfortunately it happens every other day. Thankfully, there are people in this world with motivation to do good things for others and no matter how many times we say “thanks“, it is nowhere near enough. Yet, these people deserve to be appreciated and to be thanked as many times as we can. Isn’t there someone in your life who deserves a thanks today?

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