Have You Heard Of The Minds Foundation, An Ngo Committed To Promote Mental Health?

Wannathankyou/18th October, 2018

The MINDS Foundation, which is headquartered in Vadodara and the USA, is an organization committed to promote mental health and  to create a world in which anyone can seek the help they need by adopting a bottom-up, grassroots approach which is based on the knowledge that creating lasting change requires strong partnerships with local communities, health workers, and other stakeholders.

The MINDS Foundation which has offices in Telangana, Mumbai, Vadodara, and Bhavnagar tries to help to overcome the many social barriers to accessing mental health services by giving community members information about what mental illness really is and what services are available. They also conduct training programmes apart from awareness programmes, in order to equip people to help better.

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The MINDS Foundation focuses on mental health education programmes, medical treatment, and training local stakeholders to become community mental health-care workers and thereby sustaining their efforts long-term.

Of various programs organized by The MINDS Foundation, here are the key events that you wouldn't want to miss- 

Recently, MINDS organized two workshops on suicide prevention and self-harm for students of standards VII VIII IX facilitated by Pragya Lodha, Mumbai Programmes Head.

Suicide Prevention Workshop-2-2.jpeg 110.48 KB

MINDS Foundation, in association with Mind Mantra and DeSousa Foundation also organized an 'Experience Sharing Session' this World Mental Health Week.

Experiance Sharing Session 2-2.jpeg 122.16 KB

The MINDS Foundation is really doing a great job by addressing the issue which is considered as taboo in the society. We wish them the best for all their upcoming programs and events.

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