Finding Inspiration: Ron’S Story Of Overcoming Personal Doubt

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation when you started to doubt your own abilities? When the world seemed to be turning against you and everything you thought you could accomplish suddenly appeared to be slipping from your grasp?

If you can relate to this mental state, you will be able to understand the precise situation that Ron found himself in shortly after his divorce. The divorce wasn’t his idea and, in fact, was actually a shock. He realized the relationship was growing more distant but he assumed that it was just a phase and that things would right themselves again as they had in the past.

Even though he didn’t want the divorce, he decided to be as pleasant and supportive of the decision of his now ex-wife, so he agreed to her requests and really didn’t fight over anything or make any demands. Now, despite trying to stay positive, he found negatively creeping into his life.

The Change

Ron’s natural optimism seemed to be turning into pessimism. Instead of seeing possibilities he saw problems and obstacles. This feeling wasn’t just in his business life; it was also part of his personal life and friends and family noticed the difference.

One day, as a surprise, they got together and decided to give Ron something just for himself. They wanted Ron to have some time just to get away, to get back to nature and find inspiration in the beauty of the world around him.

They booked a cabin, filled the fridge with his favorite foods and then arranged with one of the friends to meet him after work on Friday. Ron was a bit surprised but, with his suitcase already packed in the trunk of the friend’s car, he decided to get away.

The Healing Power of Nature

After getting dropped off by his friend Ron spent the evening sitting on the deck and watching an amazing sunset over the lake. He felt immediately relaxed and felt the inspiration the beauty he saw all around him. Suddenly, those issues he had thought were such big challenges seemed to melt away and become minor issues that could be solved by just looking at the big picture and remaining positive and open to the solutions possible.

Over the next two days Ron hiked, watched the birds, spend time at the lake and just thought about all the positives in his life. Being away from television, the internet and even the phone helped him to see how amazing the world around him really was. He also remembered just how much his friends and family cared about him in providing this opportunity.

When the friend arrived to pick Ron up on Sunday evening a part of him wanted to stay, but mostly he felt a renewed sense of inspiration to continue to be the positive, optimistic person he knew he was meant to be.

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