Finding Inspiration Close To Home

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Sometimes as children and teens, or even as adults, people look to celebrities and stars for inspiration. They may also look to professional sports figures, Olympic athletes or people that have become famous because of a special talent, gift or skill they possess.

While these inspirational figures are a great source of motivation, courage and strength, they are also distant and somewhat out of the scope of what most kids, teens and young adults can relate to. They also may have lives that are now bigger than life, making them even less of a personal representation and aspiration.

A good exercise for a family and something that parents, grandparents or guardians can always start, is to create a family tree. There are websites that allow you to search for relatives and find out the amazing inspiration right in your own family heritage.

You don’t have to use these sites, you can do a lot of online searches for free. This will often allow you to track back the names of ancestors, but this means starting with living relatives and working back in time.

Family Interviews

A fun activity and a great opportunity open up lines of communication between generations is to meet with grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and more distant relatives.

Kids can have a set of questions they have developed and complete a full “interview” of the family member. With smartphone technology or the use of a laptop you can easy record these interviews and create a family album that everyone will enjoy.

Additionally, for those relatives living in distant locations, Skype and online video chat systems provide a very low-cost option to get information and make connections.

The benefit of these family interviews is amazing for everyone involved. It provides a real connection for the family, and helps everyone get a better perspective of the achievements and accomplishments of people that may have gone otherwise unknown and unrecognized within the family.

The simple act of reaching out to the family can also be a source of inspiration. Kids may not realize they have military veterans, police officers, amazing teachers and social workers or gifted people right in their immediate family.

This is a powerful message for anyone. Gaining the knowledge that being a hero is about being a person and using your talents, skills, abilities and knowledge in ways that benefit those around you is a powerful message and one that benefits us all.

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