Find Out How White Swan Foundation Is Eliminating Stigma Of Mental Illness In Society

Wannathankyou/28th November, 2018

The challenges in the mental healthcare sector are largely related to infrastructure and services. According to an article in India Today, which summarises a report from WHO, India is the most depressed country in the world, which is followed by China and the United States. 

This is because, there aren’t enough mental health professionals, hospitals and support systems. However, the underlying issues are more environmental than infrastructural. The only solution that will help address these issues is to help society transform their understanding of mental illness and their attitude towards those living with mental illness.

White Swan Foundation, a Bangalore based not-for-profit organization is providing the solution for these issues by offering knowledge services in the area of Mental Health. The foundation provides patients, caregivers, and others with well-researched content that will help them make informed decisions on how to deal with mental health issues.  It has created India’s largest knowledge repository on mental health for the people and runs several programs to reach out to various communities and empower them with the right knowledge. 

The White Swan Foundation has collaborated with like-minded individuals and organizations across the world to deliver the best-in-class knowledge on mental health. The Foundation serves with the mission of delivering knowledge services for Mental Health and Well-being. 

The kind of knowledge provided by the foundation ranges from sleep issues, motherhood, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression to any mental health-related issues. The White Swan Foundation Portal lets the audience gain knowledge on mental health and take the right decisions.

Noteworthy activities by White Swan Foundation:

  • MISSION 10K: A public movement to transform the mental healthcare landscape

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White Swan Foundation’s Mental Health Ally Program aims to create millions of mental health ally who through empathy and the right knowledge can offer a supportive environment to those living with mental illness. Under this program, about 200 people have been trained as mental health champions and have begun reaching out to people to conduct the conversations. Through this year, each of these 200 mental health champions will in-turn commit to organizing a 90-minute conversation with at least 50 people, potentially creating 10,000 mental health enthusiasts. 

  • Teachers as Catalysts- Workshop
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In collaboration with Mental Experts, the White Swan foundation organized a 6-hour workshop exclusively for teachers. 
The workshop focused on enhancing the awareness of teachers on mental health and wellbeing, understanding child mental health and behavioural aspects of children and to detect signs of psychological distress among students.

Mental Health is one of the very serious issues that has been widely ignored across the country. We appreciate the efforts taken by the White Swans Foundation to address the mental health and we wish them the best for all their future endeavours.     

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