Drawing Motivation And Inspiration From The People You See Every Day

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Working in a restaurant is not really an upscale job, and certainly not a source of inspiration, at least not at the diner where Julie worked. Every day it was the same old grind, people in for a quick meal or a cup of coffee and then they just walked out the door without a smile or a good word for anything.

Julie always tried to keep a positive attitude, and she knew that slipping into looking for the bad in any situation would result in creating more problems and less satisfaction in her life. No matter how surly the customer looked, she always made the effort to greet them with a smile and a pleasant comment, and then kept checking in with them throughout their meal.

She often felt that her attempts to be positive and pleasant to everyone were just a waste of time. She continued to work at the diner but also put in several applications for other jobs at the same time.

One day, after thinking she had just aced an interview, she got a call at the diner from the prospective employer. He indicated that although she had done a great job in the interview, she would not be offered the job.

This was devastating news, but she had to return to waiting on customers as the dinner rush had just started. Fighting back anger, hurt and tears of frustration, she headed for her section not feeling like providing any extra help or conversation.

At her first table was a grumpy old couple Julie had waited on for months as they came to the diner a couple of times a week for the special. She approached the table and instead of her usual positive and friendly greeting she just waited patiently for them to place their order.

The elderly lady, for the first time, looked up from her menu. She looked into Julie’s troubled face and realized something was wrong. This woman, who had never acknowledged Julie’s greeting or positive attitude, suddenly spoke up and asked what was wrong. Her voice was soft when she asked questions, and she told Julie that she was their favorite waitress, and they always wanted to sit in her area because she was so positive and friendly.

She started this conversation by saying, “I wanna thank you for being you, and for always having a smile on your face and a positive word to say to everyone.” She said her husband had complete hearing loss and the only place he felt comfortable was coming to the diner to sit in a place where he felt welcomed and accepted.

At the end of the conversation Julie felt better, she was amazed that her words had provided the motivation for this elderly couple. She was also inspired to continue on in doing good deeds for others, even if is just meant a smile and a bit of friendly conversation at a local diner.

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