Depression Isn’T A Choice, But Working On It, Is

Wannathankyou/3rd October, 2018

In our previous blog 7 Tips to get over Mental Illness, we provided with some of the basic, yet essential tips which might help a depressed person to fight depression. As a part of our #LetsFightTogether Campaign, we conducted a survey with the leading Psychiatrists and individuals who are helping to fight depression and asked them to share their professional knowledge and experience.

It's not easy to laugh and give a big belly laugh about things, while on the inside, you feel empty. It’s a weird feeling being happy as much as you can, but your mind won’t follow suit. You just feel empty and the happiness isn’t genuine. It’s fake but you can’t change that no matter how hard you try for it to be a real feeling. Depression drains everything out of you. It takes an enormous amount of strength to appear ‘normal,’ it's exhausting when your smile doesn’t reach your eyes.

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Depression has been a major cause for negative thoughts, loneliness, and suicidal decisions and yet has not yet been considered very seriously in India. However, over the past few years, there has been a surge in depression-related cases. Does that mean the younger generation is not strong enough to face the pressure or the type of pressure in the recent times has changed drastically and the young generation has to take the hit?

Dr. Vipul Rastogi opines that “Possibly, there has always been depression but the pressures on life are like never before and also there is better awareness now, so people seek help more”.

And this brings us to the next very obvious question. Why are the Millennial more prone to be in a depression?  Maybe, because the society demands you to portray yourself as the most fun person and remain entertaining always which can be exhausting. Or, we can even say that with technology, there's less personal touch among people. 

Dr. Shishir Palsapure feels it's because of the sense of entitlement and lack of effort tolerance. And Vikram Jeet Sinha says "Increase of technology, and isolation" is the primary reason for depression among the millennial today. 

Well, we couldn't agree more on it. So, what does one do while going through depression?  Most of the people who go through depression, rather shun the world with a smiling mask than ask for help.  One need not hesitate to seek help. 

 "Increase movement aspects on your lives to create a routine even if it is a fight to do it every day. Don't lose touch with creative art forms, music, dance art, theatre" suggests Devika Mehta on dealing with depression. 

"Breathe. Accept what you are feeling. Turn to your support network. See if there are any creative activities (dance, art, gardening) happening around you that you can engage with. Write. Seek help from a professional", opines Hina, a theater practitioner who deals with mental health issues through drama. 

One needs to understand that Depression is not a choice, so it's not their fault to go through what they go through. Even through self-loathe, dejection, melancholy and desolation, find a reason to live and not just to survive. Depression is just an inner demon, fight it every day, and you will win one fine day. 

 “Develop social systems, friends and associates”, advises Konrad. 

Do you have to share any more messages for those in depression? Share them with us and we will be happy to feature them on our platform. #LetsFightTogether.

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