Dear Best Friend, Thank You!

Archana Nair/6th August, 2017

“For me, friendship is not an advantageous transaction or give-and-take, for me friendship is a certain overlapping of life” - Sadhguru 

Life does not give us many choices to choose from except for when it comes to making friends. We make friends by choice. We meet a stranger somewhere, connect, and choose to make them an important part of our life. Friends are indeed the most important part of our lives. 

Remember your first day of school? You, a very young and shy juvenile, sitting in one corner of the class too afraid to look around, eager to run back home. But then your eyes meets a foreign eye, equally terrified. You comfort each other by smiling, not a single word uttered, and suddenly you start to relax a bit. You had made a friend. 

A friend is someone who loves when you forget to love yourself. Walks with you when you feel lonely. Pulls you up when you are going down. A friend is someone who doesn’t judge you for being yourself. They are your best advisors when you feel lost, the best teacher to make you realize your mistakes, and take care of you like a parent when you are low. Sometimes they are  the family you wish you had. They are the only ones that can make you feel good about yourself and also bring you back to reality when it’s necessary. 

Through an unusual combination of difference and similarities, friends make us realize who we truly are and help us grow into what we want to be. Right from bunking classes together to saving each other from your parents, friends are a part of your learning process in this journey called life!

This Friendship’s day, take a moment to appreciate your friends. Can you imagine a life without them? They bring authenticity, honesty and trust to your life. Thank them for not walking behind you, but beside you. Be grateful to them for tolerating all your shortcomings and still accepting you no matter what. Thank them for lending you their shoulder when you wanted to cry. Appreciate them for not leaving you alone even when you asked them to leave. Thank them for just being there for you. 

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“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend” - Robert Louis Stevenson 

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