Choosing Happiness And Gratitude

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Choosing Happiness and GratitudeNothing else captures the brightness of the world than a simple note of thanks. Whenever you say “thank you” you show someone how much you value a gesture, a kind word or a good dead. When someone helps you out in way that’s difficult to repay, and you give back a word of appreciation, sometimes that’s all it takes to even out the scales. That’s the power of gratitude.Negativity in the WorldConsidering how powerful gratitude is, it’s striking to note that few people these days practice it in their every day lives. When you open the door for someone else or hold up the elevator so someone could get in, people hardly say thank you. When you stop to return a file someone dropped or when you go work hard only to be retrenched or replaced by someone with better connections in the end. That’s the world most people live in. And it’s a world you recognize. It’s world you spend hours in every day. In this kind of world, this thankless culture, it can be hard to remember why you’d even bother to thank anyone in the first place.Fighting for PositivityBut that’s why it’s even more important to fight for positivity. Human brains are rewired to scan for bad news, FastCompany reminds you. That’s why as soon as one pops out in the news, you find yourself focusing on it—sometimes too much. It’s a highly developed coping mechanism. After all, being aware of the negative in any given situation helps you prepare for anything. That’s because positive things aren’t a threat but negative things can be.Learning GratitudeRewiring your brain for positivity doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is to talk or think about something positive. Remember all the times you’ve been at your lowest, when you’ve felt the worst anyone can feel, when you didn’t have any smile left. Remember the people who were there to pick you up. Remember the compassion, the tenderness. Remember the gratitude. That’s what sites like WTY are all about. WTY, for one, lets you send a thank you message to people anywhere. Say thank you to the kind doorman this morning. Say thank you to the best teacher you’ve had. Say thank you to a loved one you lost. By practicing gratitude every day, you can make a difference—an even bigger difference—in this world and in people’s lives.
WTY offers you the chance to thank people who’ve touched your life in some indelible way. Visit us for more details.

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