An Open Letter To The Women Of The World - Wannathankyou

Wannathankyou/8th March, 2018

All the women of the world,

Thank you for being the wonderful woman that you are. It’s absolutely astonishing to see how you have been through agonizing pain and regardless of your scars, you outperform each obstacle you have ever come across. You escalate with quality and power that emanates off of you with brightness. Each step you take on the ground is with reason and aim. With each step and each turn you take in life you seem to be flawless. There is nothing you can't do.

Your words are fierce and fair. You transfer the light and you impact each individual you meet. You are enduring in your convictions and you appreciate and respect others’ opinions as well. Loud or soft, your voice is a sound wave that never varies.

Your personality attracts people with a stronger force than gravity. You are adored, deceived, loved, and even disliked, however, your head stays high and your shoulders straight up. There are people in this world who would love to see you fall. But you have overlooked these individuals and have focused on the ones who are there for you.

Nobody has the ability to make you feel inferior. The world is unaware of the power that you possess. It's because of you that our world is such a beautiful place to live in. Thank you for being cute daughters, caring sisters, selfless mothers, adorable lovers, darling wives but more importantly thank you for being a woman!

Your worth surpasses all the earthly things. On this special day, the world wants to celebrate your wonderful presence in this world because you truly are God's greatest creation.

Happy women’s day to all the women fraternity of the world.

Team WannaThankyou

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