An Open Letter To Father Of Our Nation

Dhruv Jadav/1st October, 2018

Dear Bapu, 

I understand you will not be receiving this letter because you are physically no more with us. But you do continue to live in and among us as the greatest leader India has ever had!

I write this letter to express my gratitude to you for everything that you have done for us. I just hope, you somehow get to read this and know how thankful we are to you. Because shouldn't gratitude be expressed instead of just felt?
They say "an army of sheep, led by a lion, is better than an army of lion led by a sheep". Thank You Bapu, for being the greatest leader who proved that the Non-Violence is the strongest weapon out there and nothing can be impossible for a determined heart!

Thank You, Bapu for your valuable lesson of Simplicity. You showed the world that it's possible to lead a satisfying life with bear essentials, who taught us that anything that we own in excess of our need becomes a greed, for being the change you wished to see in the world.

Thank you, Bapu, for teaching us the real meaning of Strength, which comes from indomitable will and not from physical capacity. With your unshakable will, you brought colors to India which continues to influence our soul.

Thank You, Bapu, for making a point that there is no God higher than Truth. Your love for truth is something that we all admire and in fact, it has become a way of our lives. Just the way the sun cannot hide the light of Truth, our gratitude to you cannot be hidden!

Thank You, Bapu, for helping us restore the faith in humanity, for believing that, as long as there are good people in the world there's Still Hope.  You taught us the importance of forgiveness, by calling it the attribute of a strong person. 

Dear Bapu, this might even become a never-ending letter, because that's how much grateful we are to you. Your life is an amazing message for us, and we thank you profoundly for being born! 

Yours Loving, 
A Sincere Follower 

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