A Good Deed A Day

Wannathankyou/4th August, 2017

Marci, a recent graduate of a business program, had just decided to move to the big city of New York, where she was sure she would find just the job she wanted. She had always lived in a small town in California with a definite sense of community and that “everyone knows everyone” atmosphere that is so common in similar small towns all around the country.

One of the reasons Marci chose New York is because of the big city vibe. She wanted to be somewhere that wasn’t familiar, where she could be her own person, with full anonymity and the ability to create a new persona.

The Move

The move itself was uneventful unless you consider the tearful goodbyes from the family and all the warnings about being safe in the Big Apple. Her grandfather pulled her aside just before she left and told her not to forget her small town ways and how caring for others, saying a kind word and doing good deeds was all a part of being a great person.

The first few days in the city were fun. Marci enjoyed looking around, finding an apartment and settling in. She even found a great job in just a week and within a month had settled into her new life as a very successful professional. However, she did find she felt lonely and isolated and almost nostalgic about the close-knit community she had left behind.

The Reality

Standing at the mailbox in the apartment one day, Marci glanced over and saw a man struggling to balance bags of groceries and open the door. She walked over and held the door, flashing a smile and saying good morning. The man at first seemed hesitant, but then said good morning back and thanked her for her help.

For the first time since moving to the city, Marci felt a warm glow inside and a feeling of making a positive human connection. The two talked and introduced themselves and finally Marci knew one of her neighbors.

It was at that time that Marci decided her grandfather was right. She needed to bring some of the small town to the Big City and she vowed then and there to do one good deed a day.

Within a week Marci knew most of the people in her building and even several of the people working in local shops, taking the same train and working in her office. She didn’t do anything big, sometimes holding a door, helping a person with a child get on the bus or just smiling and talking to an elderly person living alone in her building.

Her good deeds were now a part of her life and she felt connected with those around her. Her new home now really felt like home.

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