A Cup Of Thank You To All The Teachers And Their Valuable Lessons!

Wannathankyou/5th September, 2018

If you listen twice as much as you talk, the chance of learning something new increases by two times. Today we mark Teachers' Day on the occasion of the birthday of Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. 

Our learning starts from the day we were born and continues until the day we leave the earth. Throughout our lifetime, we come across teachers in various forms and this day is dedicated to not only the ones in the classrooms but to everyone who has played a role in teaching us the unknown. 

Here's a short list of teachers who have contributed in making us, ‘The us that we are today’- 

1. Parents

Parents, the why and wherefore of our existence, play a vital role in our all-round development. They are our first teachers who begin to impart lessons in us from day 1 of us setting our foot on this Earth. 

Most of the times we end up considering them as our role models and even try to imitate them. From identifying good from bad, learning the basic life skills to facing the challenges that the life has to offer us, we follow in their footsteps.

To our first ever teachers who taught us to crawl, walk, and run, but never to stop, today is your day too.  

2. Teachers

We spend almost a quarter of our lives with our teachers, listening to their lessons, stories, anecdotes and grasping the goodness from them. They literally mould and shape us, and we wouldn't be half of what we are today if not for them. 

Behind every chalk piece and blackboard, every ‘good job’, every ‘get out of the class’, every ‘this is the worst batch I have ever seen’ and every ‘all the very best for your future’, stands a proud teacher with a zilch expectation from us and sincere wish to see us shine. 

Every single person has a story to tell about their favourite teacher who had been a buttress to them in their trying times.   

3. Friends, Family and every other person

Throughout our lifetime, we come across several people who turn from friends to strangers or vice versa. Everyone we meet has something new to teach us- to love, to hope, to hate, to envy, to laugh, to cry, to believe, to try, in short, to Live.

Betwixt everyone around us who either make or break us, we learn the lesson for life, which, at the end of the day, shapes our character.   

4. The Nature

A learner never stops to learn, and the nature never stops to teach. Everything around us, the plants, the animals, the mountains, the sun, the wind, the river, the Universe that we live in, is constantly talking to us. But, are we listening to them? 

The sun that never stops to shine, the tree that continues to give shade, the river that never stops to flow, the love and loyalty among the animals, how often do we listen to their teachings? 

To this universe who never gives up on us, though we sometimes give up on it, this is your day too. Your teachings are profound. 

5. We- the Us

Who better can understand us the way we can understand ourselves? Every day offers millions of opportunities, and from each one of them, we have a takeaway. Our experience, our mistakes, our success stories, the rise, and the fall everything has a lesson to teach. 

We, ourselves are our great teachers and this day indeed is for all of us too!

On this day, let’s take a moment to express our gratitude to every person who has made a difference in our lives through their teachings. Sign Up with WannaThankYou to send a gratitude message to your Teachers.  

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