A Big Shout-Out To Teachers For Teaching Us The Greatest Lesson Called Life

Pratiksha Mohanty/5th September, 2017

Don't we all remember our first love, first job, first heartbreak, first earning? The firsts are always special. Aren't they? The most important of all firsts in our lives is our first teacher; for that matter anyone who has taught us something worthwhile. It could be a friend, our parents, mentors or coaches. 

I was way too young to remember what my first encounter with my teacher must have been like, but I do have some faint memories of writing the final papers sitting on her lap. That was probably because I was down with a fever and was way too sick to be able to write the paper (that must have also been my first exam fever for sure). 

We have all come a long way from being too shy or scared to face the school to growing up into strong, sensible individuals with dreams and aspirations to make the world a better place, and there have been countless hands who have shaped us into what we have become today. Be it that teacher from the nursery who made the first day of your school possible, the Instagram handle that happens to be a total stranger but never stops inspiring you, the friend who made you realise the worth of your dreams or just a passerby who taught you the importance of using indicators while driving, every single person has something in that has made us a better version of ourselves. It's their luminescent wisdom that people around us have passed onto us so gracefully, that have guided us all the way in our lives. All these years of life have brought me to an epiphany that we forget the subjects, sometimes a few moment after the annual papers. But the life lessons taught, remain etched into our souls till our grave and beyond. I remember my one of my teachers saying, "when you help someone and expect a something in return, your work loses its value". and these words became my guiding principles for life. People come and go and meanwhile, they leave their amorphous imprints on us so subtly that we barely realise the impact they have had on us. 

So, what do you do when you are really thankful? You share!
Now is the time to express our gratitude and thankfulness to those quiet heroes in disguise for moulding us into good human beings with their talisman of knowledge and wisdom. It's time to thank them for that extra bit of counselling before every big day when you felt your feet going cold. 

As a student I was always nervous and cried before my math papers, it was no different when I was an hour away from writing my board exams. We know how big a deal board exams are in India and not to mention the pressure of performing well. That was when Pradeep Sir, my math teacher smiled at me and handed me a 'coffee bite' saying, "Just chew away your worries now. You have prepared well enough to easily score a 90." I went into the hall smiling, although still a bit nervous. And he couldn't have been any right I scored 91. 

There is no limit to what a good lesson can do to one's life. We have all watched the biopic 'Freedom Writers' where the teacher, Erin Gruwell not just inspires her class of unruly teens to learn tolerance, but flips their lives over by convincing them to pursue education beyond high school and lead respectable lives. When success rides on our heads, the "attitude-of-gratitude" is what keeps us grounded. It is the godfather of all other virtues. If charity begins at home, gratitude must have begun somewhere within the four walls of a classroom or even the tracks of an athletic field. To be more precise thankfulness comes where there is learning. Don't they say the more we learn the grounded we get.

Could there be a way any better to celebrate this virtue of gratefulness, than expressing it to our real life champions who have taught us the art of living? Would we have learned life the hard way, had we been left all to ourselves? Think about it!

Let's thank those teachers, guides, friends philosophers and mentors for showing us the way and making it all so easy for us. Let us all write a few words of gratitude to express out thankfulness because a simple ‘thank you’ could make someone's day.

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So who are you thanking today?

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