7 Tips To Get Over Mental Illness: When You Suffer, We All Suffer

Wannathankyou/27th September, 2018

You are allowed to SCREAM
You are allowed to CRY
You are allowed to NOT WORK
You are NOT allowed to GIVE UP

Mental illness is one of the most ignored subjects which is faced by a huge mass. Not many are willing to talk about it, though they are silently calling out for help from any source possible.  

To go through a phase wherein you don't want to eat or sleep, covered by haunting thoughts, not wanting to see the light of the day or to even set foot on the ground, losing the purpose of life is not something that can be overlooked.  
There are hundreds of individuals and organizations out there who are willing to listen and help these depressed souls to rediscover their purpose in life. And here we are doing a bit of what we can do. 
Here are 7 Tips to get over Mental Illness because When you Suffer, We All Do-

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1. Stay Connected

Dealing with depression is hard, especially if you have to do it all by yourself. Understand, you are not alone. Call your close ones and talk to them. Avoid being alone and letting in the negative thoughts. Remember, no one is alone in this world, and you always have a solution that can be found with a little help from others.   

2. Do things you enjoy

As obvious as it may sound, engaging yourself in activities that you enjoy whole-heartedly can make all the difference that you truly deserve. The first step in defeating depression is preparing your mind to defeat it. When your mind is ready, you would want to do anything to come out of the phase. Be willing and accepting, put your heart into an activity which makes you feel better. Write, read, watch a funny movie, painting,  start a new hobby, it can be anything, but it should be something.    

3. Get Moving

When all you need is to curl up on the bed, getting out of bed itself might sound to be a challenging task. Physical exercise/activity, even if it's a 30-minute walk, helps you by healthifying your body and soul. When your mind is already vulnerable, don't let down your body too. Get some sunlight and try to observe the positive sides of life.   

4. Healthy Diet

When your mental health is not healthy, it really is not possible to focus on what you do, or what you eat. But this is the period when you need to bring out the foodie in you. You need to understand that food is fuel and not therapy. Good food never fails to open the door to a Good life. 

5. Sleep well

You've got to fall in love with yourself, and prioritizing good sleep is the first step for self-love. Get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep, ward off unessential thoughts and wake up to a great start. Sleep does to your mind what food does to your body- they make you better. 

6. Alcohol is not an answer

Have control over your drinking habits. If you think alcohol makes you happy, it's like borrowing a loan and thinking you have money- the happiness and money both don't belong to you. Alcohol is a depressant, it has the power to make you feel worse than what you feel already. Alcohol cannot be a solution for all your problems, so never let it take control of you.   

7. Professional Help

When nothing works out, never hesitate to take some professional help. You can find a lot of helpline numbers who are willing to help you, or you can even have your own therapist. You don't have to try being stronger, instead, you can get stronger.  Understand it's okay to be not okay

Here’s a quote from the book The Help that you might have to remember till forever- 

“You is Smart, 
You is Kind, 
You is Important”

Found these tips helpful? We don't want to end it here. We want to ensure that we take the maximum efforts so that anyone out there who are silently crying out for our help can hear us. With October marked as Depression Awareness Month, we are running a #LetsFightTogether Campaign throughout the month. 

If you have gone through depression or know someone who is going through the phase and you want to help them, we are here to guide you through it. Help us by filling up this form and let's fight the depression together. You can reach out to us anytime at pr@wannathankyou.com and we can help you in the best ways.   Stay connected with us for more updates.   

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