7 Things Kids Teach Us About Happiness

Wannathankyou/22nd February, 2019

1. Every day is a new beginning.

Start your every day as a new beginning. Forget what happened yesterday and start a day with hope and confidence. In Fact, every day itself is hope, so don’t worry if things don’t go as planned because every day brings us something new. 

In a child’s mind, there are no reasons to think about yesterday's mistake. Every day they begin with a fresh mind because each day brings the opportunity to learn, discover and grow. 

2. Don’t worry about what people think

Don’t worry about what people think when you are doing something for yourself. Watch a 5-year-old choose an outfit, and you soon realize that they don’t care about what people think, they always stick to what they want. Make decisions based on what you feel and not what critics might say, is the key to happiness.

3. Stop and smell the roses.

Find time for yourself from your busy day of rushing from one destination to another. Open your eyes and see the beauty around you. Listen to the sound of morning birds or look at the beauty of the sunset at the beach. When was the last time you noticed these tiny miracles in the world?

Sometimes as an adult with huge responsibilities, we forget to live in the moment. Start finding the beauty around you as the children see in the world. Then you realize that the world is so beautiful that it can vanish all our sadness.

4. Don't waste your time, if you are not passionate about doing it

Always follow your passion as a child does. When did we start putting up with things that don’t make us extremely happy? Since when did we start compromising and just settle? Watch a child playing in a playground, they play because they are happy and passionate about it. A child does not waste time on things that don’t make him or her feel extremely happy. Start finding time for happiness and don’t waste time on things that don’t excite you.

5. Even when you fail, it is always important to try again.

As you know, a child never settles for crawling from one place to another simply because learning to walk is difficult. In Spite of the hundreds of times they fall, they get back and try again. 

“Failing is not falling down, it’s when you are not getting up again’’. Always keep pushing yourself when you fall and, stand up with more strength and confidence.

6. Be silly and Laugh more

It’s easy to make kids laugh. What about adults? Not so much, right?. Multiple responsibilities and schedules can make adults too serious, which leads to making your life complicated. Let yourself be silly for no special reason, laugh with your colleagues, not just smile. Crack jokes, play with kids or watch comedy shows. 

Laughing is the key to happiness and good health.

7. Stop worrying about tomorrow.

Have you seen a child worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow? No, they don’t. 

Understand that tomorrow is not guaranteed, so why worry over it? Enjoy what is happening right now and live in the moment. Like children, they don’t worry about tomorrow because they know that tomorrow is not right now. We must live through today to get there. 





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