5 People You Shouldn't Forget To Thank This Diwali - #thankyouwalidiwali

Akash Sunny/13th October, 2017

It’s that time of the year again when every building is dotted with lanterns, diyas and lights. Verandahs and balconies are decorated with colorful rangolis and there’s fireworks all around.

Diwali is here! The festival of lights is a much loved one across all ages and communities. Apart from the festivities and crackers, there is a deeper meaning that Diwali would hold for each of us. To some it would mean hope, whereas for some, joy.

No exchange in these 3-4 days would be complete without “Happy Diwali”. But it shouldn’t be just that.

Let’s make this diwali special, both for you and your loved ones - With next to no extra effort at all. How ? By having an attitude of gratitude. That’s all.

Along with thanking God for all the wonderful people in our lives, let’s thank them as well. 

By thanking them you reciprocate the love they showed you throughout the year. 

Here are a few people you should be thankful for this Diwali.


They are the foundation of such festivities. Everything is planned well in advance, on how a particular festival would be spent,  and it has to happen that way. No questions asked!

But, not just Diwali, ever since we are born, they’ve supported us with our tiniest decisions, put up with our silliest tantrums and taken care of us without expecting anything in return.

Along with gifts let’s show gratitude to our parents for their continued support and their everlasting love.

Thank your parents here -  http://bit.ly/ThankYouWaliDiwali


The most excited we get, of course, after seeing an unlimited supply of sweets, is to see and meet our friends and catch up on their lives. 

Life does not give us many choices to choose from except for when it comes to making friends. We make friends by choice. We meet a stranger somewhere, connect, and choose to make them an important part of our life.

They know our all joyous and saddest phases of our lives and they are extremely important for us to live our lives. From selfies to parties and from heartbreak to loneliness, thank them for being there through it all.

Friends become an important part of our lives and without them we always feel incomplete. Let’s tell them that.

Thank your friends here - http://bit.ly/ThankYouWaliDiwali


Though annoying, and constantly irritating, we could always count on them when we wanted to play. There shouldn't be a special occasion to thank your siblings; you can always make them feel special and their importance in your life by telling them how much they mean to you. 

They are the support system in your life that provides you with all the love, care and the support. A simple and sweet thank you saying for your sibling will make them feel special and make their day 

Lets thank them for being our first best friend.

Thank your brother/sister here - http://bit.ly/ThankYouWaliDiwali


Sometimes we forget to show appreciation to the ones closest to us. It’s mostly because we presume that they know that we are grateful for them. 

Your other half is the one person on this planet you’re called to love and serve above everyone else, then they should definitely know how much you value them.

Awareness of that truth is such a blessing to both spouses, because it creates a stronger, more intimate marriage with a greater sense of love and appreciation. However, just awareness won’t make the marriage work. It’s how we appreciate them on a daily basis that actually helps keep the relationship going.

If you’ve forgotten to thank your spouse, then this is your best chance to do so with new beginnings.

Thank your wife/husband here - http://bit.ly/ThankYouWaliDiwali


We’ve often been told not to talk to strangers, yet if you think about it, some strangers play a huge part in our lives. These strangers could be your closest friends or even your spouse. It’s just that they were once strangers and now they mean the world to us.

Then there are other strangers. These are people that might have crossed our paths just once or twice, but they are special to us, because they took out time from their daily lives to help us out.

Do you remember them? It could be a stranger who helped you open the door to your car when your hands were full. Or somebody who opened the door for you. Or, your own child who took care of the household chores when you were sick.

It could be anybody and you should be grateful for them. They might have touched your life in a small way or even in a big way as well. We don’t even know if we will see them ever again.

Thank them if you remember them.

Thank the stranger here -  http://bit.ly/ThankYouWaliDiwali

WannaThankYou is one such platform where you can express your gratitude towards people who have taught you something significant in some way. You might never know, your gratitude could heal somebody, make someone diwali special. Thank Them NOW. 

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