5 Best Non Monetary Charity Ideas

Dhruv Jadav/18th December, 2017

“If there be a truer measure of a man then by what he does, it must be by what he means” 
- Robert South 

Very well said by Robert South. We only pay attention to the activities of a person and don’t bother to know about the intention or meaning behind doing it. In the same way, we only consider monetary donation as a highest form of charity. But most of the time the person who is donating is having an intention of being remembered as the most charitable person alive. So, we have brought you 5 ways through which you can do charity without money. Here's how-

  1. Blood Donation

Of Course! The name "blood donation" itself is pretty self explanatory. But have you ever considered it as a form of charity? Think again! Blood donation is itself a great form of charity where you give your blood to someone else so that their lives can be saved. This is way better than giving some amount of money and showing off your name proudly. 

2. Organ Donation 

Yes! Another form of a charity which is certainly greater than monetary donation. Umbilical Cord Donation is a great form of organ donation. If you donate your baby’s cord it can be useful for new organ generation as well. Or you can donate your eyes, kidney etc., which are way more better then giving out some amount of money and have your name engraved on golden plates. 

3. Vote

Wait, What!! Yes, you read it right, Voting. Voting is a kind of a donation only. Or we can say you are giving out something but it is not just something. You are giving your country’s command to someone deservable. No money is involved in this kind of donation. But It has involved responsibility of a nation. Responsibility on those who are voting and on those who are getting the votes as well. 

4. Cloth Donation

Clothes which are very nominal to us and most of us may also have donated their clothes to the needies. But we never pays attention that it is a did of gratitude and sharing. We thanking god to give us something so that we help the needies with something. So next time if you think about doing charity. Give out your old or new clothes to those who needs them.

5. Gratitude

Gratitude? Yes! Gratitude is something we have never paid attention on. Why not? Because we are taking gratitude for granted. So we, atWannaThankYou has started an initiative that for every thank you posted on our platform, we will give Rs 1/- to the charity. We will do monetary donation on behalf of you. What you only have to do is to go to WannaThankYou App or Website and post a gratitude message over there. Please take this initiative because Gratitude is the new charity. 

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