10 Ways To Beat Depression And Anxiety

Wannathankyou/28th February, 2019

Are you suffering from mental health issues and wearing a mask to hide it from the outside world? Well, my friend, you are not alone and in fact,18-25 years of age group make up the maximum percentage of people with mental health issues. So let’s look further at the ways on how you can deal with depression and come out of this stage all by yourself.

  • Understand the root cause of depression- There are times when something is bothering you and you are suppressing those thoughts continuously. These types of actions can cause mental health issues in the long run. So, stop pretending to be okay when you are not. Take out some time to ponder over the issues that you are struggling to deal with and start with simple things.

  • Express Gratitude - Instead of focusing on the things that you have lost, start appreciating the things that you have achieved and how you have come this long way. WannaThankYou is one of the apps that can help you in doing this. Also, express kindness to others as you are not fighting mental illness alone. 

  • Stop overthinking- When you overthink it increases the chances of mental health disorders. As your mental health decreases, the tendency of doing even a routine task declines. You might have realised that you are not able to concentrate on anything and later on it becomes difficult to execute even the simplest of tasks. Start paying attention to the current work instead of analyzing the past.

  • Start taking up new challenges- Start involving in the mindful activities. Sometimes your brain needs variety and feeding the same old stuff stops your mental growth. Challenge your brain every day and find out different ways of doing work. This helps in changing the pattern of the brain and increases the capacity of handling stress.

  • Involve in Physical Activity- Physical activities not only reduce stress but also increase the ability to concentrate. You can involve in any physical activity, it can even be an outdoor game that you love playing.

  • Start Meditation- It has been proven in many studies that a heedful meditation in the morning helps to release stress and anxiety. It brings ease in doing the daily tasks of the day and gives a fresh start. 

  • Don’t stop socializing- When under the state of anxiety and depression, many people stop going outside and restrain themselves in a close space. This action pushes them furthermore into this stage. So, go out and meet people even if you don’t want to.

  • Start taking small steps- When you go through rough times in your life, facing anxiety is common. But always remember “ Depression Isn’t A Choice, But Working On It, Is”. You can start working on smaller things like sticking to the schedule you make for the day and stop procrastinating things. Try working on the things you love doing but stopped. Pick up any of your hobby that makes you happy and finds out time for it every day. 

  • Sleep well- Researches have shown that we need a minimum of six hours of sleep to make our brain work efficiently. Lack of sleep reduces work efficiency which later is the cause of anxiety. So next time think again before sacrificing your sleep.

  • Eat Healthy- Healthy eating impacts on both physical and mental health. When you get a sufficient amount of nutrition it boosts up the overall energy and you can concentrate for long hours.

So, before it gets too late, start taking necessary actions after understanding your mental state. Don’t stop to reach out for help if you need it.

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