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Thanks Giving

What are you thankful for at the end of 2018? Share your thank you messages and win exciting prizes.



Shall we play a Yes Or No game?

  • You feel good when someone appreciates you?
  • Your day gets awesome when someone says "Thank You"?
  • You are surrounded by positivity when you feel grateful?
  • Feeling grateful helps you appreciate little things in life?

If your answer for all the questions in Yes, go ahead, make a difference in others' lives too.

If your answer for all the questions or any of the question is No, it's never too late to enhance your lifestyle.

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WannaThankYou Community

  • Mamta Gupta

    WTY User

    My dear mom, look how far you’ve come and how far you’ve to go. How much experience and wisdom to others you can show. Look at what a grand journey your life has been until now. As we raise a toast to your life, I stand up and take a bow. Thank You for everything!!!!

    Rahul Panda
  • Karan Arora

    WTY User

    Thank You, Mom, for being the backbone to my courage, the pillar behind my strength & the sense behind my stupidity.

    Rahul Panda
  • Namrat Kaur

    Thanksgiving Contest winner

    I want to say thanks to my Chachi ji who raised me like her daughter. I lost my mother when I was just five. My dad wanted to abandon me as he considered me responsible for the tragedy. He used to say that I'm very unlucky. My Chachi ji adopted me and looked after me.

    Rahul Panda
  • Supta Sarkar

    WTY User

    Whether it was learning how to ride a bicycle or cracking that almost impossible trigonometry problem or even being taught how to swim by being thrown into the deep end my dad will always be my role model for life.

    Rahul Panda



The world is already a better place, we just don't appreciate it enough.


Why was 2018 Sad?
Because you didn't drop by to say Thank You!

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To collect its prize for winning in #ThankYou2018 contest!

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